Meet The CEO

marketing consultant, digital marketing consultant, seo, web designRyan Esco is the Founder and President of FireRock Marketing.  In addition to being a serial entrepreneur he and his family love to travel to far off places.

At first blush, wanderlusting and entrepreneurship may seem unrelated, yet we’ve found that they actually go hand in hand. Why? Because both reflect a natural curiosity which consequently  leads to the search for untapped possibilities.  And, once you meet Ryan, you’ll understand how powerful those personality traits can be in business.

Ryan started FireRock in 2010 with the vision and determination to create a client focused marketing company with a single goal of driving growth.   His professional life has focused on marketing and sales with a specialty in creating sustainable opportunities in strategic niches. In dealing with agencies and service vendors it became apparent that there needed to be a consolidation of services to optimally serve the small business owner.

He began his career on the client-side, holding significant marketing and sales positions with Connaught Labs, Sanofi Pasteur, and Genzyme.   Seeking new challenges, he switched to the consulting/agency side of marketing and sales and formed FireRock Marketing.

Marketing Experience

Ryan and his team have experience in sales, marketing, product management, leadership, public relations, web development and business development.  This experience and skill set fit perfectly in helping the small business owner grow their business.  He is able to look at the entire business and marketplace to conduct a needs assessment and execute a well developed plan to build business.  From start to finish he looks to improve the process.  We look to drive new business in the door consequently helping you find and convert your best customers into lifetime ambassadors.

Ryan’s approach has instilled confidence back into marketing allowing the business owner to focus on running the business. Confidence Based Marketing drives  both results and service to improve the client’s condition!

Fast Facts about Ryan

  • Started businesses ranging from an online art supply provider to clinical research organization
  • Traveled to 49 of the 50 states (Alaska is playing hard to get)
  • International travel including Guam, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Morocco, England, Japan, North Africa, Ireland, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada
  • Lived in all over the US and the world including Maryland, Florida, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Spain, North Africa (Ceuta)

We have developed a process and system to help small businesses quickly find the right message. The right advertising mix. The right budget to spend more efficiently and outperform competitors.