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Our team has spent the last 20+ years in various sales and marketing strategy and leadership positions in the Boston area on both the client and agency sides. Over our careers, we’ve built successful marketing programs for big brands from diverse categories including footwear/apparel (Timberland and New Balance), healthcare/pharmaceuticals (Sanofi, Genzyme, Pfizer), and technology (AT&T and American Well). The lessons we’ve learned along the way put us in a unique position to help small businesses navigate the new world of marketing and develop everything businesses need to create a marketing strategy and marketing plan that attract the ideal customer.

Marketing Consulting That Gives You Confidence In Marketing

Let us put confidence back into your marketing efforts together!

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Marketing Systems

marketing jumpstart

Marketing Jumpstart

Designed to quickly get your business more exposure, more traction, and ultimately more leads. We help you develop the basic building blocks including online presence, local Boston SEO and content marketing. Increase traffic to your website. Focus on results.  Digital Marketing Consultant delivering results!

marketing catalyst

Marketing Catalyst

The central building block of this program is the creation of an optimized marketing website and includes the creation of supporting marketing assets.  We  implement  a content calendar with blog posting, Boston SEO services, social media and marketing automation. Supercharge your sales and marketing to fuel your growth!


Marketing Department

Fully integrated marketing consultants we become your marketing department. We develop a marketing strategy to attract your ideal customers and nurture them through e-mail marketing, social media, online reviews and referral plans.  We are a digital marketing consultant fully integrated into your sales and marketing teams!

Digital Marketing Consultant

At FireRock Marketing, we are experienced Marketing Consultants and we take an individualized strategic approach to each one of our clients. We do extensive competitive research and marketplace analysis to determine the best marketing strategy for your brand and company. We’ll run a full audit of your website, determine where you can improve, and devise a unique strategy that addresses your site’s objectives. We’ll put you back on the map and put confidence in your marketing efforts. Many marketers are using plans built solely on search engine marketing, social media outreach, e-mail campaigns, or some other specific channel. Why? Because they’ve become convinced that one of these tactics will be the silver bullet that will significantly impact their growth delivering high ROI. Chasing these marketing trends leaves the business owners frustrated and not trusting their marketing decisions. Our marketing approach empowers clients with advantages and the tools that traditional advertising agencies, digital marketing services, or SEO service companies simply can’t match. We give our clients the tools and strategy to get the most out of their advertising.

Online Presence Audit

FireRock Marketing will perform a comprehensive audit of your online presence with a detailed report outlining areas of opportunity to help you grow your business. Learn more. Your online footprint has become one of the most components of your marketing mix. Starting with your website we will create a comprehensive plan to fine tune your digital marketing strategy.

Delivering a Balanced Marketing System

It’s risky to put all of your business growth objectives into one strategy or tactic. To have the greatest impact with the resources you have dedicated to sales and marketing we start with building a comprehensive strategy. We advise that we start with strategy and build a balanced approach to your marketing, including both outbound and inbound marketing. As a marketing consultant in Boston we are a full service marketing agency providing everything from Boston SEO services to web design. We also specialize in developing your online presence through social media management and public relations. We’ll make the most of our opportunity, whether to kickstart a lagging Boston SEO strategy or to deliver the best start to online advertising for your business. Stop chasing trends and and let us put balance and confidence back into your marketing efforts.

For more than two decades, our team has been on both sides of the table: as a either the client or as an agency executive. That gives us a unique and highly valuable perspective, knowing what it’s like for a customer and accumulating valuable experience working with different companies. We’ve been utilizing that deep knowledge for some of Boston’s well-known companies, and we are here to help our current and future clients to the best of our collective abilities.

For small businesses in Boston, don’t settle for anything less than a digital marketing agency that can give you full attention. Contact FireRock Marketing today!

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FireRock Marketing is located at 300 Congress Street Suite 203 in Quincy. We are located about 20 minutes from the Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). We are open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. For additional questions you can call us at (781) 839-9524 or you can find us on Yelp and Upcity.

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