Small Business Sales and Marketing Consultants

We launched FireRock Marketing as small business sales and marketing consultants in 2010 in Boston Massachusetts to help small businesses navigate the rapidly changing marketing environment.  This has helped to free ourselves from the constraints and pressures of the corporate rat race, while helping business owners achieve their growth goals.  

Our team has spent the last 20+ years in various sales and marketing leadership positions on both the client and agency sides.  Over our careers, we’ve built successful marketing programs for big brands from diverse categories including footwear/apparel (Timberland and New Balance), healthcare/pharmaceuticals (Sanofi, Genzyme, Pfizer), and technology (AT&T and American Well).   The lessons we’ve learned along the way put us in a unique position to help small businesses navigate the new world of marketing.  

What makes us different?

  • The combination of sales and marketing strategy increases conversion and comprehensive communication plan. We have proven marketing system and decades of experience. Powerful results and an increase in our clients confidence in their marketing efforts set us apart.
  • We start with strategy to understand your business challenges and to identify your ideal customer types. We perform an in-depth analysis of your business and marketing efforts to optimize your current efforts while looking for areas to gain an advantage. 
  • Our marketing system delivers efficient sustainable results. We focus efforts and investments on the tactics that are having the most impact.  We test and measure everything we do.  This allows us to focus on what works and adjust what isn’t delivering.
  • We bring decades worth of big brand experience to bear for small businesses. We take all the experience and tools that we have utilized to grow global brands to the small business owners.
  • FireRock Marketing helps companies improve online visibility and increase website visitors. FireRock Marketing is a strictly white hat website design and SEO company, which means all of our search engine optimization work, recommendations and strategies are for long-term results for your business.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

Ideal Client Profile

We do our best when our clients have some experience with marketing and are looking to make their investments work harder.  

  • Annual Revenue over $750K
  • Annual marketing spend over $50K
  • Stalled business growth
  • Frustrated by marketing complexity, ineffectiveness and/or lack of analytics and measurement

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