SEO- Search Engine Optimization and Dominance

SEO Marketing – It’s time to increase website traffic and customer acquisition.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the marketing discipline that is focused on growing website visibility and ranking in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO requires both technical structure and creative design elements to improve rankings, attract the right audience, drive traffic, and improve website rankings in search engines.

Search engines (Google, Bing, etc) are constantly changing the way they rank websites. Staying on top of all those changes can be overwhelming. We work hard to stay on top of those changes by improving your company’s organic search rankings and overall online presence.

As Boston SEO experts we take a strategic approach to search engine rankings. We start by conducting extensive research to find the right keywords and carry that through to the links we build back to your website that helps establish authority. We know that your digital marketing plan is critical to your online success.

SEO is an evergreen process, not a one-time “set it and forget it” proposition, it requires ongoing analysis, and updates to website content, code, and architecture.

1st Page Ranking

The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks. If you are not ranking on the first page for your target keywords, your company is essentially invisible.

Page optimization

We optimize individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines

Increase Traffic

Our mission is to use SEO to drive more qualified visitors to your site and then convert visits to customers.

Outflank the Competition

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your listings march past the competition on Google rankings

Gain your Search Engine Optimization Dominance​

Why Organic SEO?

49% of people use Google to discover or find a new item or product. (Source:

88% of people who search for local businesses on mobile call or visit within a day. 

We use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure they find you first.

Organic SEO empowers your business to be in control of precious marketing investments.

There are a lot of marketing tactics like paid advertising (PPC) that can be costly, and have a limited return on investment. Also as soon as you stop paying for ads, the cost-per-click (CPC) increases or market changes significantly your online presence is dramatically reduced. 

Organic SEO delivers a sustainable, long-term and measurable ROI that you can plan for and depend on. Having the right SEO plan in place you can build equity in your brand by establishing a dominant online presence.

Is Your Business Showing Up In Online Searches?

88% of people who search for local businesses on mobile call or visit within a day. We use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure they find your website.

1st Page Ranking- Attract more Clients

92% of customers will pick a business that shows up on the first page search results.

Local Customers

46% of all searches done on Google are by people looking for local businesses.

Outflank the Competition

We build an SEO strategy to get you ranked first when customers search for your services/products.

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Boston SEO Company: What we do!

Our Strategic Organic SEO services provide on-page and off-page optimization:

  • A full website SEO audit including site structure, mobile friendliness and ranking analysis
  • An industry-specific keyword analysis performed on all live pages of your website
  • Comprehensive competitor research
  • Extensive keyword research with selection of one highly-relevant keyword per page
  • Re-write content incorporating priority keyword and long-tail keywords
  • Develop meta titles, meta descriptions and image ALT tags
  • Development of an XML sitemap for Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Execute a link-building strategy to increase overall traffic and relevance of your website including authority niche relevant backlinks, citations, etc
  • Employ local SEO tactics, including Google My Business optimization, and relevant local directories and citations.
  • Continual analysis of website performance to optimize for SEO trends and search engine ranking


Ideal for businesses who primarily do business online, compete nationally, or do not have actual physical locations.  Every website and market is different and takes a strategic unique approach. Our Boston SEO Company serves national clients to expand our clients online reach to attract and capture the right audience. FireRock Marketing Consultants are SEO experts that will work with you to leverage your most powerful online marketing asset, your website!

Attract the Customers that your Website deserves!

Boston SEO Services will ensure the right customers can find you. Optimize your site for the TRAFFIC you need to generate and convert leads for your business’s growth.We can discuss the rest of it in an appointment. Let one of Boston’s most trusted marketing teams work on your business’ prosperity. We’re proud of the fact that we build a close relationship with our clients, an approach that has won us loyalty and continuing support from our customers because we are invested in their success.

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Increase website traffic the Right way!

FireRock Marketing has a proven track record of providing Boston SEO Services and search engine domination. Find out how our Boston SEO Company can take you to the top of Google and keep you there.


Ignore the SPAM and Work with a Trusted SEO and Marketing Consultant

Search engine optimization tends to cause confusion and concern among business owners. You know it’s important, but how do you make it work for you? Have you ever tried claiming your profile on Google+, or Google My Business, or Google Maps? It’s hard to keep everything straight – after all, Google can be a mind boggling and complex monster. Not to mention all of the directories that list your business and making sure everything is absolutely perfect.

Even if you are doing a great job with SEO this week, there’s so much to understand and you have to work hard to make sure your small business website is beating out millions of other websites. Even local businesses find that local search has become increasingly competitive these days – and SEO is a marketing tactic that’s evolving daily. As more and more small businesses jump into the mix, testing the waters of SEO, it becomes even more competitive out there.

So how can you figure out whom you can trust with your company’s SEO campaign? More than likely you get regular spam emails from people offering you “cheap” or “affordable SEO services.” Think trusting the future of your company to the people sending you SPAM sounds crazy? It is.  For years our Boston SEO Company has been hired by companies to leverage the power of page 1 ranking in Google and other search engines. We are here to help you do the same thing. We understand the frustration you’re feeling when it comes to getting the right traffic to your website and we know how to fix it to ensure the right customers find you online.

SEO, done well, can help your business expand your online presence and attract eager buyers for your products and services. Done poorly, it can prove to be an exercise in futility and frustration – and an expensive one at that.

You need a marketing professional who understands SEO to improve your online dominance. 

SEO is just one part of the marketing mix of a successful strategic marketing system for your small business.  An SEO Marketing consultant will not overpromise but will make sure they set realistic expectations. They will take a systematic comprehensive approach to your SEO to increase website visitors, concentrate on lead generation and have a marketing funnel in place to convert the right customers. As Boston Seo Experts we start with strategy and research.  We get to know our clients and their customers intimately.  We take the time to understand search terms used most frequently by prospective customers. We research market conditions, competitors, buying triggers, and purchasing patterns.  At FireRock Marketing our marketing approach ensures that our clients are in control of their marketing through collaboration and education.

It’s important that you have a strong profile in the search results – period. If you want to enjoy more passive leads from the web and you want more targeted traffic to your website, then you definitely need a great SEO plan.

It’s important to work with a professional who understands that SEO isn’t all about keywords. SEO is actually the overarching discipline of smart online marketing. While a marketer should be smart and have a lot to offer, these individuals may not understand the strengths and weaknesses about your business. They may not understand how to best position your business in the search engines. You want to work with a digital marketing consultant that understands SEO and how your business works. FireRock Marketing consultants have the tools, experience and systems to increase website visibility and drive traffic.

Working with a SEO Marketing Consultant to Build Your Business

When you work with an experienced marketing team, you will be working together to build your business. A good marketing consultant will take into consideration what your business and website can do now, as well as what can be done in the future. A good marketing strategy will leverage your business’ strengths and exploit the niches where you have a powerful advantage. We provide Boston SEO services that delivers results and puts confidence back into your marketing efforts.

You want to make sure your small business is working with a consultant that will take continuous steps to help you build the power of your website over time.

Good SEO takes time and effort – it’s not something that can be done overnight. However, with a practical plan, an experienced consultant with smart online skills, you can accomplish incredible results, one step at a time.