Marketing Automation

Stay connected to your customers

For most of our clients, email-based marketing automation can be a great way to stay connected to prospects and customers – without having to devote significant resources to nurture leads.

How it works

When a potential customer opts in to receive your emails, our system sends them a sequence of messages designed to increase their interest in your product or service, then adjust your emails automatically based on their behavior.

Each campaign you run is controlled by an automation workflow — a series of rules you create to control what content the recipient receives and the actions they need to take to receive it If a customer makes a small purchase, your marketing automation software can automatically add them to a “buyer” list and send them content that’s designed to encourage them to make a larger purchase, sign a service agreement or complete any other objective. If a customer visits a specific page on your website, you can add them to a specific list and send content related to the subject in which they’re interested.

In a sense, marketing automation lets you respond to customer behavior the way a real person would, letting you automate your marketing efforts while keeping your marketing as relevant as possible for every prospect. You can even use marketing automation to identify your top prospects and include them in sales reports.

The end result is a more effective marketing process that produces leads on its own, giving your team more time to focus on big-picture tasks like converting leads into customers and growing your business. As businesses gain access to more customer information, and consumers themselves have multiple options for services or products, marketing strategies have become more complex.

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