5 Online Reputation Monitoring Mistakes You Might Be Making

5 Online Reputation Monitoring Mistakes You Might Be Making


p>If your business is primarily online, then your online reputation means everything for you and your business. It is also the easiest way for potential clients to find you. So you want your online reputation to be pristine.

Because your online reputation is so important you shouldn’t slack on monitoring what is put out on the internet for your business.

Keep reading for five online reputation monitoring mistakes you might be making.

1. Don’t Address Bad Reviews

When it comes to the internet there are a lot of haters. When we get negative feedback or reviews we may feel like the best way to combat them is to address it. But don’t make a post or comment ranting about your negative feedback.

If you address the negative feedback, then you will actually be doing your own online reputation more harm than good. By addressing it, you’re bringing more attention and light to it so more people will see the drama. So if you’re already having a hard time creating a good reputation, then you don’t need to broadcast the negatives.

2. Be Careful With Jokes

In today’s society, it has become increasingly harder to pull off a good joke without offending someone. This is because everyone has a different sense of humor. Even if you and your company think a joke is funny, it could come off as distasteful to others and give you a bad online reputation.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Customers

Regardless of the size of your business, you should treat each and every customer with the same amount of respect. You should aim to respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours whether that is responding to them on social media or through email if they have a question or concern.

Your customers are people too and they will continue doing business with you if they feel validated and respected. If something has gone wrong with your product or service, then do your best to make it right with the customer.

4. Sending Unsolicited Emails

There is nothing more annoying than receiving an unsolicited email about a product or service. It is the number one thing that can turn someone off from a company. Receiving an unsolicited email will make people unsubscribe, mark as spam, or block very quickly.

If you have an email list, then remember to be authentic and let your potential customers know what to expect before they sign up. Giving good information in your emails is the best way to make customers happy.

5. Always Tell the Truth

Because you’re behind a computer screen the urge to lie may be a bit stronger and seem a bit easier but don’t do it. Making promises you can’t keep is a good way for your online reputation to go down.

The best thing to do for your reputation is to be honest and authentic with all of your customers. Regardless of how good your lie is, you should always assume that the truth will eventually be revealed. Once people find out you’re lying then you will have big problems.

Reputation Monitoring Is Important

If you have a big or small online presence, then online reputation monitoring will be key for your success. You don’t want to lose business just because your company looks bad online.

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