The Best Digital Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead of the Competition in 2020

The Best Digital Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead of the Competition in 2020


Launching a great retail website isn’t enough, not in 2020.

You need to build traffic, increase brand awareness, and invest in ads. Internet marketing isn’t simply one tiny field anymore — it’s an amalgamation of different techniques and tools.

Don’t fret if it all seems confusing; we’re here with the best digital marketing tips to give you the edge! Read on below and discover what you need to beat the competition:

1. Identify Your Audience

One of the most important digital marketing tips that will remain relevant in 2020 is identifying your niche audience. Yes, you want your business to cater to everyone but your core audience will become your bread and butter. They’re the ones that will keep coming back.

There are multiple ways to identify your audience. First, use analytics tools to find out where the majority of people visiting your site come from and then identify their demographics. You can also conduct surveys on social media or your site.

2. Geofence and Local Marketing

Small businesses thrive through local marketing and geofencing techniques. Up to 75% of people who searched for a local business ended up going to an establishment. You can expect most people who search locally to visit your business within 24 hours.

That’s how effective local marketing can get.

Get aggressive with your tactics. Use longtail keywords and content that target the local area. Concentrate your paid advertising efforts to a smaller, local radius.

3. Use Facebook Pixel

Ever wondered how you visit a site, search for a product, and suddenly see ads from that business the next time you’re on Facebook? That’s the wonder of Facebook Pixel. It’s a small code you can add to your site that helps retarget ads to people who visited your site.

It’s a simple tool but merely putting your ads in front of people repeatedly can significantly boost conversion rates. The more often people see your brand and ads, the more likely they are to click and purchase or subscribe.

4. Don’t Belittle Influencer Marketing

Don’t believe all the naysayers when it comes to influencer marketing. Yes, there are a bunch of people pretending to be influencers, scamming businesses to give them free products or services. However, there are legitimate influencers and you can tap into their audience to further expose your brand.

It’s all about finding the right influencers.

Prioritize those from the local area. It should be someone who clicks with your target audience too. Make sure they have a sizeable audience too, otherwise, you’re only wasting time and money.

5. Adapt to the Latest Technology

If you want to get ahead of the competition in regards to online marketing, you need to experiment with new technology. There are a lot of merging methods you shouldn’t shy away from.

For example, you could try AR and VR technology. Augmented Reality could allow customers to “interact” with your products and see how they fit or look in their homes. Virtual Reality could enhance marketing videos and turn them into experiences.

Use These Digital Marketing Tips!

The online landscape continues to get tighter with more businesses and competitors springing up each year. Fortunately, you can get ahead of them with these digital marketing tips! Don’t hesitate to try them out now!

Of course, these are only some of the many things you need to master to succeed. The good news is we’ve got a plethora of similar content like this to help you beat the competition. Why not start with this one listing content marketing facts that might change the way you post?


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