Confidence-Based Marketing

What Is a Confidence-Based Marketing System?

We are Boston Marketing Consultants delivering expertise and results to clients of all sizes. Confidence-Based Marketing is proven marketing system built specifically to help small businesses improve customer acquisition and retention. At FireRock Marketing, we use this marketing system to help our clients make the right marketing decisions through a methodical approach that minimizes uncertainty and maximizes clarity. Sales and Marketing is the lifeblood of any growing organization and should be the focus of every employee and department. At FireRock Marketing we take a strategic approach to your business and bring expertise to marketing so you can focus on your customers. Deciding to hire a marketing consultant is a big step. FireRock Marketing has over 20 years of experience developing marketing systems that deliver exceptional results. FireRock Marketing agency creates comprehensive marketing solutions your sales and marketing objectives. Whether you are looking to put innovative marketing strategies or ramp up you activity behind existing marketing plans, we are here to deliver results. We find that some businesses have lost confidence in their marketing efforts. They are not sure which marketing spend is delivering results. Our commitment to you is to restore your confidence in the marketing activities that you spend valuable marketing resources. As Boston marketing consultants we provide transparency into the marketing tactics with proactive reporting and communication. We test, refine and measure our marketing strategy to get you results. The FireRock Marketing team deliver confidence in your marketing, reducing distractions and allowing you to focus on the business.

Planning & Strategy

We partner with you to identify opportunities and execute a marketing system to build your business. We work with you to find your core message and develop digital marketing plan that will attract the ideal customer.

Lead Generation

We use a mix of online marketing tools and offline tactics to generate qualified leads - consistently and efficiently. We will help you nurture those leads to convert them to profitable long-term clients.

Customer Activation

We identify and activate your best customers to serve as your online sales force. We have unique advocate programs to amplify your best customers voice to tell your story. Referrals to your business are critical to sustainable success.

Boston Marketing Consultants at FireRock Marketing

Our methodology combines an in-depth knowledge of the most impactful marketing tools with decades of marketing experience into a marketing system that delivers predictable results for our clients. Our approach is grounded in a holistic, long-term point of view that hones in on our clients’ ideal customer and puts a data-centric system in place that efficiently turns prospects into customers and customers into evangelists for your business.  We give you the tools and expert marketing guidance that you need to get the most out of your marketing. Boost your marketing presence by working with Boston Marketing Consultants at FireRock Marketing to discover the perfect digital marketing solution for your business.

Strategy and Planning

The system starts with strategy, skips over the marketing BS and, most importantly, delivers sustainable growth for our clients.We start by digging in with you and your team to understand your business, map your competition and hone in on your most important customer. From there, we develop insights that lead to tactical recommendations and a measurement plan. We build a firm sales and marketing foundation based on marketing strategy before proposing a series of tactics aimed at increasing traffic. Until you find a way to change the context of how your ideal customer views what you do and in effect render the competition irrelevant, you’ll find that your marketing efforts never seem to build momentum. You will see intermediate success and will start to lack confidence in your marketing.

Lead Generation

We bring to bear a marketing mix of programs and tactics customized to the needs of each of our clients. In some cases, we will recommend online advertising while in others we might focus on direct mail. And we have pre-built packages to make it easy to get started.  These marketing systems will not force you into any particular solution but are intended to provide structure and a discipline into your marketing. We leverage your website to implement marketing automation that will not only capture more potential customers but nurtures them along the sales and marketing funnel to try and buy your products and services.

Customer Activation

Your happy customers can often be your best marketing tactic. We have programs to identify and incentivize our best customers to become your voice by sharing their positive experiences with your company. Our proven Ambassador programs deliver incredible results.  We amplify the voice of your most loyal customers to not only influence their direct friends and family but exponentially grow their sphere of influence.

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