Nielsen Eye Center

Marketing and Business Challenge

 We started working with The Nielsen Eye Center in early 2012 with the goal of streamlining marketing, rebalancing their marketing plan and driving new sources of revenue and patients. The practice was seeing diminishing returns from traditional methods of advertising (radio and print) and sought new ways to grow revenue and increase their patient base on a more consistent basis, while employing more cost effect tactics. They also realized that they needed to attract new patients to the practice while converting existing customers to upgraded products and services. Their business was growing slowly and needed a new approach to accelerate growth.


As usual, we started by conducting a comprehensive marketing assessment of their business and the competitive landscape. We looked at their marketing budget and where they were spending the majority of their resources. We also mapped the entire customer journey starting at the front desk and continuing through the interaction with medical staff and providers. We tracked all of their sales and marketing efforts and highlighted areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.

As part of this effort, we observed the interaction between the receptionist and patients as they checked in and checked out. We mapped every patient touchpoint for elective surgery patients and developed language that helped the medical staff grow conversion of surgical upgrades from 18% to over 50% of patients selecting upgrades services and products.

As experienced Boston marketing consultants we have a solid understanding of the business, the competitive landscape and the patient experience. We developed a powerful marketing strategy and communication plan that empowered the staff to action and reshape the business.

  • We migrated media adverting from traditional channels (newspaper, radio) to emerging channels (Facebook, paid search, and paid social).
  • We built an army of Patient Ambassadors who shared their stories on social platforms, in waiting room collateral and on the website.
  • We shifted their target audience to find the unmet need in the market and deliver powerful messages that attracted the right patients. This also allowed us to develop long tailed keywords that further increased traffic and new audiences.
  • We acted as business consultants to streamline their operations and focus their attention on delivering best in class service to their customers.  We took an analytical approach to their business and found areas for improvement that delivered significant savings and increased profits.
  • In 2017, we launched a new website, a series of marketing automation tools that will drive lead generation and nurturing for greater conversion and customer retention. Our referral programs and new content marketing strategy has improved online visibility significantly delivering an increase in new patients and significant practice growth.

The Results

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