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Reliable Roofing Siding and Windows came to us looking to increase their overall online presence, increase leads and grow their business. Over the past year, we have launched a new website, overhauled their paid advertising (Adwords, Facebook, and Youtube), dramatically increased their organic traffic through SEO, and improved their online reputation. All these activities are part of our Roofing Marketing System, uniquely designed for roofing companies. Over the past year, Reliable has seen a 95% increase in website traffic which has yielded a tripling of leads and a doubling of their business. In just one year!

State of Play

Reliable has an exceptional management team that acknowledges the pivotal role of marketing in their overall expansion. They did not see their marketing budget as an expense but as a way to drive sustainable growth. They recognized that by investing in a marketing system they could realize a return on investment that would deliver consistent results.

The team at Reliable was frustrated by the lack of control they had over the marketing efforts and that competitors were constantly copying their efforts and beating them. They were chasing different marketing tactics and were not sure what was working. Their online presence was severely lacking and wasn’t converting the small amount of traffic they were able to get. Their website wasn’t showing up in any local searches for any of their services. Their advertising budget wasn’t delivering a significant return.

Reliable was seeing a decline in its presence in the marketplace. The tactics they were using were not yielding the results they needed to maintain sales, much less grow the company.


Reliable was facing several challenges. Their current website was not converting, their website traffic was decreasing, and their online reviews did not reflect the quality of their work (negative reviews). They were producing content (blog, new products and services, etc.), but they did not have a content plan to implement a comprehensive, consistent optimization of their site for customer engagement. The site did not have clear calls to actions (CTA’s) and was not converting. During this time, the competition copied every move they made and threw a ton of money at paid advertising. Reliable just could not get in front of their target audience with their message and offer.


We performed a comprehensive audit of their website, Google AdWords, customer journey, and lead conversion campaigns. By conducting thorough research, we uncovered both on-page and off-page issues that were causing their organic traffic to remain stagnant. We identified the elements of their marketing automation and lead conversion activities that were not optimizing potential customer engagement with the site and were ultimately reducing leads for their sales pipeline.

Subsequently, we organized a strategy session that covered all of their marketing efforts. Based on all our findings, we developed a strategic plan with specific tactics and timelines. We saw an opportunity to optimize their advertising while reducing costs. We worked closely with the Reliable team to redevelop their website, content plan, SEO, and online reviews.


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Home page of the new Reliable website

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