Guide to Roofing keywords research for Roofing SEO

Guide to Roofing keywords research for Roofing SEO


Roofing keywords research for roofing SEO

The first step in roofing company SEO is doing Roofing keywords research and analysis. This step helps you find the right roofing keywords to target. All your content is based on this research, so you must give it proper time and attention. This research revolves around finding the search terms which your targeted prospects are searching for and then organizing and sorting them out to drive a content strategy.

During the roofing keywords research process, you list roofing keywords that you think your content should rank against. You list down the monthly search volumes and the difficulty of those keywords. After making this list, you decide which long-tail keywords you can rank against in the short run and which keywords are your long-term goal. Generally, shorter or generic keywords with more search volume will have a high difficulty, and specific or long-tail keywords with low traffic will have low search difficulty.

So how do you make this list of keywords for SEO of your roofing website?

Step 1: Brainstorm the generic topics people are searching for relevant to your niche

The process of roofing keywords research starts from enlisting the topics your ideal prospects are interested in. For instance, If we were a roofing company which wanted to rank for roofing keywords, we’d know that the issues our ideal prospects are interested in are:

free roof inspection
(11-50, Monthly Volume)
(22, Difficulty)

roof maintenance
(501-850, Monthly Volume)

(25, Difficulty)

roof life span

(11-50, Monthly Volume)

(32, Difficulty)

Replacing Roof

( 201-500, Monthly Volume)

(33, Difficulty)

Roof cost estimates

(0-10 Monthly Volume)

(39, Difficulty)

Roofing materials

(11.5k-30.3k, Monthly Volume)

(48, Difficulty)

Roofing contractors

(11.5k-30.3k, Monthly Volume)

(45, Difficulty)

Roofing keywords research for roofing SEO

Step 2: Use paid keyword research tools to find out specific roofing keywords

Once you jot down the generic roofing topics, its time to get into specifics. To find out what exactly are your customers searching for, you can either use your google analytics to find what people search for to land on your website or simply ask your sales team, “What are customers curious about? What questions do they need answered?”

You can also put these generic roofing topics in keyword research tools  like moz, ahref and semrush and make full use of its results and keyword ideas. These tools do a phrase match and fetch you all the keywords, including your keyword ideas as a phrase within them.
Roofing keywords research for roofing SEO

Another tip for roofing keywords research is to trust google. Just type in the keywords which you’ve come up with and let google suggest you other related important keywords to consider.
Google suggestion for roofing keywords

Step 3 :Develop a keyword strategy For Ranking your roofing website

Now for ranking of roofing keywords ,you must develop a long term goal and a short term goal. Its the achievement of small
goals which give us the confidence of achieving the big goals.

If your first target is to rank for best roofing contractor, you’ll probably get disappointed when you see little to no results after tons of effort. So target long tail easy keywords like best roofing contractor in (city-name)

So sort down the keywords in two lists, Long tail keywords and short tail keywords.

Sort down Roofing keywords in two lists for Roofing Keywords Research

Step 4: Curtail your keyword list on basis of Authority, Relevance and Volume

Once you’ve made a list of your chosen keywords and made a long term and short term keyword strategy for Roofing SEO, it’s time to curtail your list and find the keywords you’re most interested in to incorporate in your Roofing website content .

While curtailing this list, please take these factors into account:


While writing SEO content for roofing company, you must make sure that the keywords you want to rank for lead to content which the searcher wants to read. Its about answering the customer’s inquiry or confusion. If you rank for “roof maintenance in _____” then you must make sure that your blog educates people about roof maintenance and covers all aspects of roof maintenance.

Volume :

Make sure, you don’t always keep using keywords with high search volume because ranking your roofing content for them will be highly difficult. Similarly, don’t rank all your content for keywords with monthly low search volume. You don’t just want to rank for keywords that are getting little to no traffic. The ultimate list you finalize should have some keywords with high search volume and some keywords with low search volume. As a short term goal of Roofing company SEO, you can start getting ranked for the keywords with low search volume and gradually move to keywords with a high search volume.


Another important concept while trying to get ranked for particular keywords in roofing industry is that your content must be authoritative. It should contain factual information and have strong backlinks. Load up your blog with useful information and incorporate your keywords. After this, get your blog or webpage shared on your social media channels from which it can get traffic.

Short down roofing keywords for Roofing Keywords Research


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