Summertime Opportunities for Small Businesses Marketing

Summertime marketing ideas for small businesses

Summertime is a time when people are more relaxed and often have a more positive outlook on life. This upbeat attitude leads to new and exciting marketing opportunities for small businesses because people are often more cheerful and interested in shopping.  Small business marketing has never been more fun.

Whether your small business marketing strategies focus on content marketing, search engine optimization, or small business podcasts, there are plenty of summertime marketing opportunities to take advantage of during the summer months. It’s time to get creative.

Summer Giveaways

A great small business marketing opportunity during the summer is to have a series of giveaways during the season of sun and fun. By organizing summer giveaways, you have a great chance to grow your email list and market your brand.

Use content marketing, SEO, and a business podcast to draw attention to your giveaways, and emphasize that every person who adds their information to your email list has the opportunity to win a prize through a draw. Items to be given away don’t have to be high ticket items. Prizes can be as simple as beach towels, beach bags, water bottles, sunglasses or a discount on products sold on your site. Other ideas include T-shirts, bumper stickers, and pens with promotional messaging.

Summer Photo Opportunities

Accompany your SEO and content marketing efforts with summer photo opportunities. Post photos of yourself and members of your team on your website or social media; share your fun side when participating in barbecues, pool parties, or any other fun outdoor activities.

Encourage your customers to share their summer photos on social media as well. Run a photo contest and give away prizes. Pet pictures and baby pictures are always popular themes. Promote photo contests through podcasts, SEO, and strategic content.

Promotion at Local Attractions and Events

Local summer events and festivals offer additional opportunities for small business marketing efforts. Consider sponsoring a local event or cause. Having your company’s name associated with a charity, school, or a local sporting team can help to boost your brand.

Don’t forget to place business cards and brochures at major attractions in your area or prominently display a banner at popular events. Renting a booth at a local festival may help to attract new customers especially if you offer a reward for signing up for your email list.

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