Staying in the Loop With SEO: The Top SEO Trends of 2019

Staying in the Loop With SEO: The Top SEO Trends of 2019


You have a website, it has a good design, but you are not getting good traction. You’re nowhere on the search engines and may be wondering why. The reason could be as simple as a poor application of SEO.

SEO trends are changing every other day because search engines are becoming more intelligent. You’ll find voice activated queries, instantaneous query feedback, among others. You, therefore, have to change what you’re doing so that you optimize for the search engines.

We’ll share with you some of the top trends in 2019 that you should incorporate in your strategy.

Which are the Top SEO Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

There’s a lot that’s going on with regard to SEO trends. For your website to remain relevant, you have to take careful note of what is happening. Read on to learn more about it in our article below.

1. User Experience

For your website to optimize for search engines, it needs to appeal to the user. Ensure that the page is loading quickly, the technical aspects are flawless, and that you optimize for mobile.

No one will spend time on a page that takes long to load. Many people are also using their mobile phones a lot, so you if you snooze on this front, you will lose.

2. Content Is King

The strength of your SEO depends on the content within your website. No matter how good the algorithm of the search engine is, you need to give it the right material so that you can rank favorably. Google has tools like Rankbrain, which will help analyze and better understand the content you post.

The Google year in search trends shows you must endeavor to optimize your website. You do this by offering good topics, the right content, and the right keywords.

3. Voice Search

A study done by Google in 2014 shows that up to 40% of respondents use voice commands when they want to search something on the web. The larger percentage will do this on their mobile devices. Optimize your content by focusing on long-tail keywords.

Try and anticipate questions that may arise and provide the relevant answers.

4. Importance of Linking

Linking is not a new trend but it continues to have a lot of relevance. Make sure you have a proper understanding of link building, and try to optimize your content so that you become a source of SEO quotes information. Your website will be rank highly on Search engines if it has many links.

When you link to any other website, make sure that the information adds value to the user.

5. Images are Becoming more Important

Many SEO campaigns are focusing on the use of images. Optimize your content to take advantage of visual material. Invest in high-quality images so that your competitors have no chance of standing out.

Be careful about how you integrate image, text and video for maximum user value.

Take Your SEO to the Next Level

SEO trends in 2019 are building upon what was there in the previous years. There’re also new aspects that are coming in that’ll allow you to up your game with regards to websites.

If you are struggling with the subject, contact us for more information and watch the traffic to your website increase.


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