The Latest Digital Marketing Techniques And How To Use Them For Your SEO

The digital market field is rapidly changing, and it can be difficult to stay ahead and keep up with the pace of the landscape. Year in and year out, there seem to be new strategies or trends that businesses have to follow in order to keep up with local competition. However, the truth of the matter, as revealed by a Boston digital marketing agency is that companies do not need to chase after these trends to have an effective digital presence and also keep up with competitors.

While this does not mean that marketers have to close their eyes to trends which can be beneficial to the company, it is important to first analyze trends and strategies to evaluate how effective it can be in meeting the marketing goals set by the company.

Keeping Up With Marketing Strategies

Some strategies having grown in popularity over the years thanks to their proven effectiveness, while other newer strategies continue to surface and gain traction as essential parts of any marketing plan, and still other strategies have stopped working altogether, generally thanks to Google’s changing algorithms. If you find that you have trouble keeping up with changes in the search optimization space, check out some of the most common, effective marketing strategies that we’ve found for the upcoming year.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has revealed itself to be the bread and butter of most marketing companies in Boston. With inbound marketing, the focus of the digital marketing company is placed on content and quality of content produced. With the industry moving in one direction, which is towards higher levels of personalized content production, inbound marketing can be used to attract the attention of your audience by showing them the value you have to offer. When embarking on inbound marketing, it is important to note that you are more focused on showing value rather than interesting advertisements.

Video Marketing

With marketers waxing poetic over the years, video marketing has established itself to be the future of digital marketing. The use of video marketing is also aided by the widespread availability of high-speed internet access and mobile devices which are capable of streaming videos in HD. With the growth witnessed in 2018, video marketing looks poised for higher adoption and growth in 2019 as current statistics reveal that more than 64 percent of audiences are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video.

Growth Hacking

Recent trends in the digital marketing industry as revealed a fair amount of growth hacking. For persons who are not aware of what growth hacking is, it is simply the use of strategies, tools and techniques to gain traction. Often times, in growth hacking, traditional processes are relegated to the back seat. Growth hackers in most cases view the digital space as a battleground which allows them fight more against competition at whatever cost. The goal of growth hacking is to use ‘hacks’ to help companies drive their demand and growth. The strategies employed are often times in the moral grey area and in most cases may not be favored by most companies.

ChatBot Marketing

Chatbot marketing is beginning to gain more popularity as part of marketing automaton practices. While this is relatively new to the digital marketing scene, it boasts of a large potential of adoption in 2019 as it helps hold conversations with customers and additionally offer personalized communication to solve immediate needs.

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