Top 5 Marketing Myths

Top 5 Marketing Myths


Don’t Be Fooled By These Common Myths About Marketing A Small Business Online

The use of digital marketing strategies offered by a top Boston marketing company have successfully played important roles in turning small businesses into large organizations without needing to invest a significant part of their revenue. With all the information needed to grow small businesses into large ones available on the internet, you still need to be aware of some of the common myths and misleading info out there so that you can better protect yourself and your business.

Common Marketing Misconceptions

Being able to navigate away from the myths and misconceptions will play a significant role in helping you achieve your business growth aims in the shortest possible time frame. To ensure that your business continues to enjoy seamless and ceaseless digital growth and brand popularity, below are some of the commonest myths you should avoid.

Digital Marketing is Just For Big Business

As a small business owner, one of the most devastating digital marketing myths to believe is that digital marketing and strategies are only applicable to big businesses. This in fact is a lie, although it was true in the past. With current advancement in technologies and improvement in strategies, small businesses can benefit a whole lot from digital marketing as it helps promote their business and target their adverts towards their specific target audience. Current statistics reveal that having a strong online presence is one of the key factors driving business growth as the number of people using the internet and social media is increasing by the day. Owning a website allows you a 24 hour information repository which customers can access to know more about your products and offers.

Email Marketing Is Spam

While this is a common and popular myth, email marketing can be used to build brand loyalty and also improve sales. Most persons will be surprised to learn that email marketing is one of the greatest means of gaining higher ROI. Email marketing functions like any other channel if properly used and can be used to command great effects for small businesses. However, businesses should be wary of abuse as this could have negative impacts on business growth.

You Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform

With the internet space housing several communities and demographics, a common myth is that you need to be on all social media platform in other to help you reach out to better audience. However, this is not exactly true as there is the need to first identify the target audience and analyze which of the social media platforms is most used by the target demographic. When such demographic hub is identified, it is recommended that you focus your attention more on the specific areas wherein your target audience lies.

Results Should Be Instant

For most small businesses, it is understandable that you may be in need of quick fixes and results for your digital marketing needs. However, the truth is that you may be disappointed at the rate of results and growth noticed. Working hard on a campaign doesn’t guarantee that you will get the desired results instantly; however, it is important to note that digital marketing usually yields results in the long run.

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