What is a Marketing Consultant and How Can They Boost Your Business?

What is a Marketing Consultant and How Can They Boost Your Business?


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a successful business should be spending a total of 8% of their total revenue on marketing. This figure is recommended because, put simply, marketing is the lifeblood of any business operation.

But, marketing a business successfully can take huge amounts of time, resources, and human capital. This is why many companies choose to outsource this vital function.

That’s where market consulting comes in.

A market consultant is an independent professional who you can hire to improve your marketing and boost your business. Rather than just creating advertisements, their roles actually cover dozens of areas.

Here’s everything you need to know about what is a marketing consultant, and why you might need one for your business.

What is a Marketing Consultant: The Basics

So, what is market consulting?

In simple terms, a marketing consultant will quite literally consult on your market. They will identify the target customers for your business and put together a strategy to engage them with your products.

They will usually come in and spend the first few days analyzing your current marketing strategy. This is to see what you’re doing right or wrong and to learn how your business operates.

They will then work to implement a strategy to boost your visibility and reputation, measuring progress along the way. A marketing consultant will likely be critical of your strategy if you don’t have much marketing experience.business and marketing consultants

This is okay! They’re highly-qualified professionals who want to see your business excel.

Marketing Consultant Responsibilities

You may still be wondering, what does a marketing consultant do? A marketing consultant will take charge of many responsibilities. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Shape the identity and branding of the company to approve the appeal to audiences
  • Conduct research on target customers and discover how to engage
  • Provide analytics and metrics mapping the success of marketing strategies
  • Manage the company’s public relations in the event of a PR crisis
  • Create digital content to boost web traffic
  • Boost a company’s Google rankings using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Increase followers and engagement on social media channels
  • Advise on best practice for customer interactions, to encourage good reviews, and to attract repeat business
  • Construct and coordinate all marketing campaigns. These can be via email, billboards, social media, newsletters etc.
  • Gather intel on consumer psychology and apply it to marketing practices

How it Works

Hiring a marketing consultant comes in many forms. You will likely be able to find marketing professionals near you online or through a headhunting agency.

Once you’ve interviewed and found the right one for your business, they typically work for you for a fixed period. This could be anything from one month to two years.

You’ll enter a contract with them, and likely meet with them regularly throughout to track progress. The consultant will provide reports for you to highlight what’s working and what isn’t.

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Your marketing is too important to leave to fate.


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