3 Content Marketing Trends that will continue to shape SEO in 2018

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Content Marketing Trends come and go but these 3 areas are gaining momentum. With the expertise that you have in Marketing, content marketing is by no means a stranger. The universal, known fact is how important content marketing is to your specific niche. The hard part about Content Marketing Trends is that trends are always changing into something new. First and foremost, it’s crucial to keep up with the Joneses so your business doesn’t fall behind. In the coming year of 2018, here are 3 of the latest trends for getting your content out there!


Live streaming a video is the newest trend to hit the internet scene and it’s exactly that; you’re sharing a video that’s live. Aside from the obvious, live streaming is a perfect way to get in touch with a large audience all at once. Loosen the tie from your business and return to the basics of human to human connection. If executed the right way, it’s extremely interactive and a great way to get your consumers involved and interested in an instant. As an example, holding a live Q&A can answer questions on the spot, clarify any unknowns with your brand instantly while being able to bring to life the personality you want your business to have as well as showing your customers you care. Live streaming is one of the many effective Content Marketing Trends where you can build trust and strengthen personal relationships. 

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If you’re live streaming, chances are you’re probably storytelling. Storytelling is one of the best ways to nurture and build stronger relationships with your consumers. Storytelling is more appealing to the human brain in instances of memory, likes/dislikes and senses. If you’re able to get inside your customer’s emotions, you’ll be able to form personal connections and an everlasting bond. Bring relatable content to the table! If you’re audience can relate, they’re more likely to use your business and better yet, recommend your services to a friend. TOM’S shoes is a great example of using their product and brand to tell a story. Their tagline alone, “with every product you purchase, TOM’S will help a person in need. One for One”. In this case,  not only does their tagline let the buyer know that their purchase is contributing to the well-being of others but it also sends a sense of heartwarming value creating a feeling of worth and relation with that individual purchasers experience. Storytelling is one of the most personal ways of delivering content and is a great method to use for your brand.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new craze to hit a larger audience with someone or something doing the promoting for you. The best way to picture influencer marketing is to think of a celebrity that has a ‘partnership’ with a brand. The way to describe it is having a lead influencer ‘use’ or ‘promote’ your product to reach a bigger community. For example, Tom Brady is a huge promoter of Under Armour, therefore, the fans that are already intrigued by Brady are now wearing and buying Under Armour because the GOAT wears and buys Under Armour. It’s quite simple and can have a huge impact on your brand. The key to doing it the right way? Finding the right leader to drive your message. It’s a ‘word of mouth’ tactic that has less words. Influencer marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media and content marketing so, why not kill two birds with one stone?


Content Marketing Trends to keep your eye on

The fact of the matter is, involve your target audience, relate a personal experience to your brand so others can find association and get back to the basics of interacting with a person. Live streaming, Storytelling and Influencer Marketing keep trust and value at the core of your marketing strategy and each trend is continually engaging your audience. All things considered, trends are forever forming and fading, but worth and confidence are here to stay.