5 Simple Tricks to make your content stand out

5 Simple Tricks to make your content stand out


Struggling with your content marketing program?  

Here are some simple tips on how to make your content marketing program original and stand out.

 1. Provide something of value to the reader

This is and always will be the most important ingredient to a successful content strategy.  When writing your blog post remember you want to publish content that is practical, interesting and useful. 

Some simple ways to provide the reader with this type of material is through tip related content, step pieces (like this blog post!), and how-to-pieces, etc.  

This is a way to engage with your customers and earn their trust.  If you provide good content the reader will return for more.

2. Draw readers in with a  compelling headline 

A strong headline brings readers in and interests them in your topic. There are many ways to do create a compelling headline.

  • Create a question for your headline by asking how or why:  How can I write an effective blog?  Why does a glass of red wine help prevent a heart attack?  
  • Generate a numbered list:  Top 20 graduation gifts for boys.  
  • Design a best/worst list:  Best app of the year/Worst apps of the year.
  • Always use adjectives.  Adjectives help conjure emotions in your reader.

A good headline will entice people to click through to your article and see what you have to say.

3. Get to the point quickly

This relates to the first point of providing the reader with something of value.  Pieces that have tips, how-to information and numbered steps give people what they are searching for in a quick and efficient way.  Many people just scan articles.  Providing the information in a quick and concise way allows them to get the information they need.  Create content that answers their questions. Keep it short and sweet.

4. Use photos, infographics, and videos to keep it interesting

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, right?  When building your content marketing program and trying to keep it short and to the point a photo, video or infographic and can make your piece more interesting and informative to the reader.  These devices can be used in many different ways.  An intriguing photo can draw a reader into your piece.  An infographic can help illustrate your point to make it easier to understand.

A video keeps the reader engaged and can make a complex concept more easily understood.  If you aren’t familiar with creating infographics there are several programs you can use including, Canva,  Piktochart and Venngage. 

Remember, when using photos, infographics or video that the blog may be read on many different types of devices.  Make sure they work well on all formats.  Combining well-written copy with compelling images and video will create a successful blog.

5. Use your speaking voice when writing a blog

Content marketing should be a conversation.  By using your speaking voice in your blog readers will not be intimidated; it makes your content approachable. You are talking with your readers, not at them. If you readers feel more connected to you they will want to revisit your site to see your next post.  It creates a connection and will keep readers engaged and coming back.


Good luck in your efforts!  If you need more help, please check our content marketing services and feel free to reach out to me at ryanesco@firerockmarketing.com


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