6 Steps to Creating a Winning Marketing Message

6 Steps to Creating a Winning Marketing Message


Sales and marketing often make the mistake of trying to sell things to consumers. “But that’s their job!” you’re surely thinking. The truth is, however, that selling isn’t an effective marketing tactic, and how you craft and present your marketing message is the biggest determiner of a successful campaign.

Instead of trying to tell consumers what your business does, what you sell, and who you are, you should focus on explaining the results a consumer can expect from your company. The key, therefore, to a winning marketing message is to solve a problem, and today’s discussion will tell you exactly how to do that.

1. Identify Your Target Market

Marketing to your customers effectively is all about understanding them thoroughly. Before you can even begin creating a winning marketing message, you must identify your target market and know who they are, what makes them tick, and how to best communicate with them. For example, say you run a tree trimming company and want to create a marketing message to attract new customers. Knowing your target market is the difference between marketing to homeowners who have trees that need trimming versus selling to apartment renters who have no need of your services.

Understanding your target market, therefore, means understanding who it is that would benefit from your services. The more specific you are about your target audience, and the more you know about them, the more effective your marketing will be. One of the best ways to understand your target market is to create buyer personas that give you accurate and actionable information that tells you who your customers are, how to reach them, and how to talk to them.

2. Identify a Problem You Can Solve

Nobody likes having things sold to them, and that’s why your best approach to marketing is presenting your product or service as a solution to a problem. For example, when Hyundai first came out with the hands-free trunk release, their marketing for vehicles equipped with the feature focused on one thing: the trouble that solo shoppers encounter when they have their hands full and aren’t able to easily open their trunks. Investigate your target market, ask what kinds of problems they face, and determine what issues of theirs your product or service can solve.

3. Marketing Message Epicenter – Present a Solution

When you craft your marketing message, it’s integral that you present your product or service as the solution to the aforementioned problem. In the Hyundai example, the solution the company offered was a vehicle equipped with their hands-free trunk release technology, because it allowed shoppers to open the trunk with the wave of a foot, alleviating the need for them to use their full hands. They weren’t selling a car: they were offering a solution to a problem modern vehicle owner’s face.

4. Show Them Why Your Solution Is the Best

This is where you can really shine in terms of showing your potential customers the results they can expect from doing business with your company. The best way to prove your solution is best is by showing potential customers the results that past customers have achieved. Through testimonials, positive reviews, and even user-generated content, show new customers how people just like them have achieved positive results with your solution.

5. Differentiate Yourself from Everyone Else

A related part of step four is demonstrating to potential customers why your competitor’s solution isn’t as good as yours. Now this doesn’t mean that you should go disparaging another product or service, but rather point out why yours is better, and why the results your company will provide are superior. Your customers want to know one thing above all else: what’s in it for them if they choose you over the competition.

6. Close the Deal

The last piece of the winning marketing message puzzle is closing, and you do this by asking for your customers’ business. Most often this is referred to as the call to action: “Call Now,” “Buy Now,” and even “Download Here” are all examples of calls to action.

The wording will be determined by what you want your customers to do. But it’s integral that you close the deal by asking for their business. You’ve explained that you understand their problem, you’ve provided an ideal solution, you’ve explained what they stand to gain, and now you tell them how to move forward.

The important things to remember with winning marketing messages are putting the focus on the customer rather than the company and presenting what you’re offering as a solution. Selling your products isn’t nearly as effective as providing solutions, and as long as you understand your target customers, you’ll be able to identify problems they face and solutions you can provide. And once you do that, all you have to do is explain why your solution will provide the best results, and finish with a clear call to action to ask for their business.

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