Front and Back End Support: 5 Things To Discuss Before Hiring A Web Developer

Front and Back End Support: 5 Things To Discuss Before Hiring A Web Developer


Are you in the market for a custom website? Unless you already have one (or you’re a designer yourself), you definitely should be. The only way your site can achieve maximum success is if it’s specifically optimized just for you.

But don’t rush into anything just yet. Hiring the wrong designer is a waste of money that doesn’t help your site performance at all. That’s even worse than designing it yourself!

So what should you do? Keep reading, that’s what.

The following guide tells you all you need to consider when hiring a web developer. Before you hire, ask yourself, and your web developer, these questions.

1. How Much Will It Cost?

First of all, you should know how much you are willing to spend on this investment. Then, you need to find a web design company and specific project pricing that is well within this budget.

That last part is especially important. Surprise fees/production hiccups can easily add up to far greater than the original estimate. Avoid breaking your budget by making sure the estimate is no greater than half your budget.

2. How Long Will It Take?

Never, ever, EVER hire a web designer who won’t agree to a deadline. If you don’t give them a deadline, they’ll give you the runaround. There’s no telling when you’ll get your website if they’re in no hurry to make it.

Always get them to agree to a deadline. And come up with a contingency: some sort of penalty for them or reward for you if the deadline isn’t met.

On the other hand, if they promise you a custom site by noon tomorrow, turn around and walk away. There’s no way they can create a personalized site just for you, specifically optimized for your company’s success, in so short a time. Clearly, they’d be using a template, something you could easily find yourself, for free, even.

But you’re paying for a custom website. “Custom” here should mean “made specifically for you,” not “pre-made and sitting in a folder for whomever.”

3. How Good are They?

Even if the design company has a shelf full of web design awards and accolades, always ask to see their portfolio. More importantly, check references. Even pull out your smartphone and check their completed websites for yourself.

Are most of the sites still alive and well? If not, this isn’t a good sign. If the sites are deactivated, unsuccessful, or redesigned by someone else, then clearly this designer doesn’t provide lasting results.

4. Are They Good For You?

Furthermore, just because they’re good doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Are any of the references they gave you in the same business as you? Have they ever designed for a company like yours before?

Find out what experience they have designing in your field. Also, find out the specific ways their design services are supposed to help your business.

5. What Services are Included?

This may be the most important point on the list. Don’t assume every designer will include a custom design, full site build, performance/UX/search engine optimization, and tech support as part of their services.

As shocking as it sounds, some of them will give you a design—just a design—and nothing else. They don’t implement the design or build the site or provide any additional services.

For serious, always find out exactly what services are provided.

Also, it’s pretty important you choose someone who designs for SEO and conversion. It’s equally important to ensure you have their future support after the project is completed.

Keep This Web Developer Hiring Checklist

If you’re serious about hiring a web developer, don’t lose this list! Use this checklist to find the best web development agency for your company.

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