How to do SEO analysis and track your Roofing SEO efforts?

How to do SEO analysis and track your Roofing SEO efforts?


Roofing SEO analysis and Tracking

Its important to track roofing SEO efforts.

You want to constantly know which efforts yield you more benefits and which ones yield you little benefit. This information is important because you need to focus more on efforts bringing you good conversions and leave the efforts which are not working. It’s about optimizing your roofing SEO processes.

Track the overall organic traffic you’re getting:

Roofing SEO tracking and analysis through google analytics

To find out whether your overall SEO strategy is working or not. Don’t just track the keywords ranking from the Google search console; instead, track the overall organic traffic you’re getting.

You can track this by going to Google analytics.

Click on audience-> overview.

Hit the “Add Segment” box at the top of the page and choose “Organic traffic.”

Roofing SEO tracking and analysis through google analytics

Now you can select the time range in which you want to see the organic traffic. Select the period of the last three months and then compare it to the previous three months. If you’re making many efforts to rank your roofing website, you should see a drastic increase in organic roofing traffic in the last three months than the previous three months.

Roofing website SEO tracking and analysis using Google Analytics

If this is not the case then, you need to make some changes to your efforts for SEO of roofing website.

Analyzing keywords Ranking through Google Search Console:

Roofing SEO tracking and analysis through google search console

Keyword and page ranking help you analyze your small efforts to rank your roofing website. For instance, if you get 3-4 roofing backlinks to a blog, you won’t see a drastic increase in the overall organic roofing traffic. However, once you see the ranking of the targeted keyword in the roofing blog, which was backlinked, you might see an increase in its ranking. This increased ranking of that particular keyword will mean that your LINK Building is working, so you will focus on getting more backlinks for this blog.  Roofing Keywords ranking also helps you decipher from where you’re getting most of your organic traffic and do roofing SEO analysis.

Roofing SEO analysis and tracking

If google analytics indicates that suddenly you got 10% more traffic than last week, you probably have either started ranking for more keywords or the keywords you were already ranking for have started to rank higher in the SERPs.

Track CPC of the keywords you’re ranking for:

Another useful metric that you should keep an eye out for, to track roofing SEO, is the CPC of the keyword you’re ranking for. It would help if you tried to rank for keywords with a high CPC. Roofing Keywords with a high CPC are usually commercial, meaning people searching for these keywords are looking to buy.


roof repair has a CPC of $21.35

gutter repair has a CPC of $9.50

Roofing SEO analysis and tracking

If I have two blogs, both are getting 100 visitors per month. One has the primary keyword of roof repair, and the other has the primary keyword of gutter repair. If I had the budget for only one backlink, which blog do you think I should get the backlink for?

The one in which “roof repair” is the primary keyword.

Clicks and Impressions:

Roofing SEO analysis and tracking

Google search console gives you many options to track the clicks on your web pages and the impressions. You need to make sure that your click-through rate is good. If you’re getting many impressions and no clicks, it means you’re ranking high in the SERPs, but your Title, heading, the meta description isn’t persuasive enough to attract many clicks. You’ll want to edit your webpages title, meta description, and heading to make it more interesting and engaging.


Last but not least is the conversions. The purpose of most business websites is to generate sales. You can set different conversion goals to track roofing SEO and get an idea about how well your website is converting. An example is setting a goal for conversion in google analytics to measure email sign-ups.

Yes, Visitors are spending time on your website, but how do you know they like what they see? You track roofing SEO through different conversion metrics. If your content is powerful, they will have no problem filling out a form for a lead magnet you’re offering. You can embed this lead magnet at the end of your roofing blog and see how many people fill out the form to get it or have an appointment scheduling widget embedded at some places on your website.

When visitors engage with such elements, you should mark it as conversion because your visitors respond positively to your roofing content.

Moreover, you can filter it down to only count people coming from the Search engine’s so you can better track your roofing SEO efforts instead of your social media efforts.

If you’re having good organic traffic but low conversions, it may be that you’re ranking for the wrong keywords.
Learn more about Roofing Keywords Research to figure out which are the right roofing keywords to target.

Remember, ranking for commercial keywords with high CPC should be your goal if you want conversions and if you want the cash to flow in as if you were selling coke instead of new roofs.


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