Online Reputation Repair: 5 Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation Instantly

Online Reputation Repair: 5 Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation Instantly


It has been said that a man’s reputation is all he has. However, the same could be said about just about anyone, including businesses. Online reputation repair becomes vital when you’ve been hit where it hurts, the reviews.

Bad reviews lead to several harmful effects. There can be consequences for work and relationships. The negative effects on small businesses can be irreparable.

However, it doesn’t have to be the end. Read ahead to see five online reputation repair tips to get you and your company back in good standings.

Your Reputation Is Everything

It’s worth repeating that a business depends on its reputation. Gossip spreads like wildfire.

Unfortunately, people are more likely to remember a negative review rather than a positive one. This holds true for real-life conversations and online forums.

For example, imagine you run a taco stand and word gets around that you are using pigeon meat. Whether or not it is true, you are finished unless you manage to somehow apply some emergency reputation repair.

Online Reputation Repair

In today’s world, we are connected more than ever. It has never been easier to share with others around the globe.

This can be extremely useful for small businesses if you want to manage your online reputation. However, this can backfire.

If your reputation online goes sour, you will have to take some delicate measures to get it back to normal. Here are the top way keys to proper online reputation management.

1. Design a PR Strategy

If you take the time to have a solid public relations strategy, you might be able to prevent getting into any trouble with regards to your online rep.

Think of what kind of virtual persona you are going to create. Are you a more formal business or a more laid-back beach bar?

2. Create Social Media Profiles

Social media is a powerful tool to take control of how you are perceived. Be sure to post positive messages frequently to attract customers.

Do your best to stick to your strategy. If more than one person can make posts, make sure that everyone is on board and understands the vibe you want to give.

3. Closely Monitor Your Online Forums

People can leave comments on your social media account or on review websites like TripAdvisor.

Be sure to respond to people, whether they leave negative or positive comments. Here, you show gratitude to happy customers and try to learn from constructive criticism.

Look out for any abuse and report it immediately so it can be removed.

4. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. If you get called out for something, apologize and own up to the mistake.

See if there anyway you can make things right. This can have a big impact on people are improve a hurt reputation.

5. Control Your Emotions

People on the internet can be nasty and can make lies up about your business. Try to stay calm and avoid emotionally lashing out at negative reviewers.

Controlling Your Reputation

New and established businesses are susceptible to bad reviews and gossip. A big negative change in public opinion can have a disastrous effect.

Take charge of how you are perceived and, if something goes wrong, be sure to apply proper online reputation repair.

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