Search Engine Snafus: 5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid from an SEO Expert

Search Engine Snafus: 5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid from an SEO Expert


How well do you know your website? How successful is your current SEO strategy?

You might think you’ve got it all figured out only to discover you’re not bringing in traffic. You may think you’re working hard on SEO, only to learn it’s not working.

How do you know which SEO mistakes drag you down? Our SEO expert team lists down 5 warning signs you’re using outdated or broken SEO tactics. Read on to discover more:

1. Ignoring Mobile

Take a moment to look at your website. Is it pretty and dynamic? That’s cool when on a desktop computer or laptop but how does it appear on a mobile device?

Many companies forget about the mobile landscape. Keep in mind that a majority of people access the Internet through their phones instead of desktops. Even Google recognizes this shift and updated their algorithm with the mobile-first index.

This means you need to invest in responsive web design. Don’t stop there. Re-structure how you write your blog posts too, ensuring they don’t look like walls of text when viewed on a phone or tablet.

2. Wrong Keywords

Keywords are still important but there’s a bigger priority now towards long-tail keywords and niche phrases instead of one-word keywords. This guarantees a higher search volume related to specific content while also diminishing competition.

You also can’t make up keyword phrases on the spot anymore. You need to use SEO tools like KW Finder and Google Keyword Planner to analyze which keywords to prioritize. You’ll need to weigh search volume against competitive use.

3. Poor Titles and Meta Descriptions

You won’t get to enjoy the benefits of SEO if you ignore optimizing your titles and meta descriptions.

On a technical note, your meta description doesn’t affect your ranking —at least not directly. However, it informs people about the content of the page. If it doesn’t summarize the content within that limited space, they might not click through.

Titles do affect SEO directly. You shouldn’t forget to include your main keyword in the title and then guarantee that the page’s content relates to that title.

4. Keyword Stuffing

SEO trends come and go, shifting directions as Google and other leading search engines continue to update their algorithms. One important change you need to track is the shift away from keyword stuffing.

Gone are the days when an SEO expert would prioritize a high keyword density per page. You don’t have to shove in the same keyword every few hundred words.

Instead, you should focus on natural keyword placement. More importantly, you need to focus on providing informative and engaging content that relates to the keyword.

5. Prioritizing Traffic

Take a moment to ask yourself one question: what’s the point of SEO? Many will say it’s about gaining traffic to a site. Some will say it’s about increasing reputation or Google ranking.

Those are all important but they’re not the point of SEO.

At the end of the day, you invest in SEO to earn profits. If your SEO campaign isn’t generating leads, conversions, and ROI then there’s something wrong. You might increase traffic but what’s the point of more traffic if none of those visitors subscribe or purchase?

Avoid These Mistakes, Hire an SEO Expert!

Did you go through this list and discover you’re making a few mistakes? It’s not too late to remedy the problem! Hire an SEO expert today to audit your site and determine the next best step forward.

If you need an authority in SEO and digital marketing, feel free to get in touch with us today. Let us help you work out the issues and formulate a stronger strategy!


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