SEO Ideas for the Holidays: How to Get More Winter Holiday Traffic

SEO Ideas for the Holidays: How to Get More Winter Holiday Traffic


What was the last thing you searched on Google? Maybe you searched for pictures on an idiot and got a picture of President Trump, courtesy of pranksters using SEO ideas.

Or with the holiday season coming up, perhaps it was Christmas-related. Perhaps you were looking for Christmas music or you were shopping for the best holiday gift for your relatives.

Either way marketing holidays are one of the key features behind SEO ideas during the Christmas period.

So it makes sense for you to boost and update your content with a Christmas theme as the big day approaches.

1. Track The Holiday Shopping Season

Planning is the key to great SEO ideas. Make sure you know when the big days and peak moments are in the holiday shopping season so you can schedule relevant posts accordingly.

Black Friday is a significant day when people tend to splash out on purchases for Christmas. But Black Friday is not just about one day, it’s about the period after it while discounts still apply.

There are also some weekends and days when shoppers are more likely to make a purchase so be sure to get some statistics and figures on when these days might be. You cant then target this traffic.

2. Tailor Your Content to Christmas

Tailoring your content so that it is Christmas or holiday-themed is important. This shows that your content is relevant and up-to-date. This is key to avoiding these common SEO mistakes.

But it also perks readers’ interest with relevant information. And you don’t have to be obvious in your output or design entire blogs around Christmas with vague links to your product or service.

You could – for example – suggest to your readers if you are selling a central heating service that they don’t want to be without heating on Christmas Day or for Thanksgiving. They might, therefore, want to hire you to check over their central heating.

If you are an electrician then you might want to include some information about the need to have your electric checked if you are considering putting up extensive Christmas lights outside.

3. Update Your Blogs With Discount Offers

People love a discount and during the holiday season, this is what people want and expect. What will your Black Friday offering look like? This one of the best holiday advertising campaigns.

But don’t just include these offers in any new blogs you put up be sure to go back through previous blogs and update these too with your discounts. You could even throw in a few Christmas keywords to previous blogs to drive traffic to them.

Loads of Great SEO Ideas for the Holiday Season

There are many great ideas that you can pursue for the holiday season. To ensure you take advantage of the increased Christmas traffic be sure to update your current blogs with all your latest offers but also to do research.

Find out when the peak periods are for shopping – such as Black Friday – and be sure to target these and launch your offers on these days.

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