Is Your Website Content Ready for the Holidays? 4 Things to Check

Is Your Website Content Ready for the Holidays? 4 Things to Check


The holidays are fast approaching, and for business websites, that means one thing: increased traffic. Whether you want to increase your traffic or keep the attention of your reader, content is key.

Your website content will be the deciding factor in whether your visitors stay or leave. It’s also one of the best ways to drive your sales and tempt visitors into browsing products. So, what kind of content do you need for the holidays?

1. Christmas Gift Guide

This time of year, everyone is looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Not everyone is easy to buy for, so it can be useful to have guides with suggestions. This is a great opportunity to showcase all the benefits of your products and why people will love them.

You may want to create separate gift guides if your products appeal to different audiences. For instance, you could have one guide for men’s grooming and one for pet lovers.

2. The Spirit of Giving

People tend to get more generous around the holidays. Many people are looking for ways to give to others, and they like to know their money is going to a good cause. Some people will be more inclined to buy products if they know a percentage of their money is going to charity.

If your business works with a charity around the holidays, let people know through your content. If you don’t already work with a charity, it’s a great time of year to start.

3. Christmas Pictures

Behind the scenes pictures of your business can work in your favor. Customers trust businesses more when they can see the people behind them. Whether it’s a picture of the office staff in their Christmas jumpers or your dog wearing reindeer antlers, it’ll grab the reader’s attention.

You can use these kinds of pictures to say something important because they’re eye-catching.

4. Holiday Style Tips

Writing a how-to blog on holiday style gives you a chance to talk about your products and how they could be useful. Whether it’s what to wear to the office party or how to dress your table for Christmas dinner, it’s all relevant at this time of year.

Throw as many of your products into these blogs as possible to inspire people and give them an incentive to view more.

Giving Your Website Content Some Christmas Sparkle

There’s never a better time of year to throw some Christmas sparkle into your website content. The odds are that your website traffic has already increased, but it’s your job to turn those visits into sales. Your content needs to be well planned and well delivered.

Along with your content, you should also make sure that your website can function well with additional visitors and that it works properly for mobile or tablet visitors too.

Take a look at some more great content marketing tips that can help your business all year round.


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