How to do SEO copywriting for ranking Roofing Website?

How to do SEO copywriting for ranking Roofing Website?


Another important aspect of ranking your roofing website is SEO copywriting.

SEO Copywriting for ranking your roofing website

It doesn’t matter how effectively you’ve done keyword research and how neatly you’ve inserted the keywords in the source code of your website, If your roofing content isn’t easily readable, it won’t convert or rank.

The reason is authority and relevance. Google will calculate relevance based on how many people do social sharing of your blog and the amount of time they spend reading your roofing blog. Google will calculate authority based on how many authoritative niche-specific websites link back to your roofing content.

For winning in terms of authority and relevance, the best approach is to write easily readable, highly engaging content, which is interesting to read. A Roofing SEO copywriter can only write this type of content since an SEO copywriter not only knows his audience as if they were his roommates. A Seo copywriter knows the phrases, including relevant keywords, which the audience will strongly respond to.

Here are some of the main factors involved in SEO Copywriting for Ranking your Roofing website:


The headline drives your click-through rate. A good headline serves to give visitors a sense of understanding and convinces them that clicking on the roofing blog won’t lead to their time wastage.

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. —David Ogilvy

An ideal headline doesn’t just grasp visitors attention but persuades them to click on the link.

A helpful tip to make your headlines more appealing is to use figures inside them.

Some examples of good headlines are

  • Top 10 Roofing Tips | DIY
  • 5 Winter Roofing Tips to Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape
  • 5 Top Roof Replacement Tips – Sheegog Contracting

Remember, Roofing SEO copywriting doesn’t mean writing keyword dense headlines but persuasive headlines. This way even if you’re ranking on 3rd or 4th number on the SERP, you might get more clicks than the one ranking on the 1st position.

Another great tip is if you want your entire headline to be visible in the SERP, make sure it doesn’t exceed 72 characters in length.

Use heading tags to structure your roofing content:

Each heading tag

<h1> </h1>

<h2> </h2>

<h3> </h3>

<h4> </h4>

<h5> </h5>

<h6> </h6>

has their own size which signifies their heirarchy level. The most primary headings are included in the h1 tag. They sit on the same heirarchy level.

The subheadings or secondary headings included in the content block of <h1> tag will be included in a <h2> tag. All headings included in the <h2> tag sit on a hierarchy level lower than headings with a <h1> tag.

Importance of headline in roofing SEO copywriting


Meta Description:

META description is a concise summary of what your roofing blog is about. The snippet copy included in the <meta> tag doesn’t just serve to guide Google search engine what your roofing content is about but also tells it what you’re trying to explain. The content gets displayed in the SERP and will be the reason whether people click on your webpage link or not. Make it convincing by stating the user’s intent and validating their concern. For instance, If I have written a roofing blog about roof maintenance, I need to understand the purpose behind writing such a blog. It is to educate and inform, not sell. Optimizing this tag is an important part of ON-page roofing SEO for ranking roofing websites.

SO here is a good meta description which not only serves to understand the problem but also proposes a solution,

“Do you know getting a new roof for your house can be a costly investment? And showing apathy towards it during harsh weather can lead to roof leaks. Here are some tips which will prolong your roof’s life.”


Optimizing your meta description for ranking your roofing website

Keyword Frequency:

This is another factor that a Roofing SEO copywriter pays extra attention to,  Copywriting is not just about stuffing keywords. However, repeating the main primary and secondary keywords a small number of times in your roofing content is recommended and proves beneficial in most cases.

To check your keyword density, use the SEObook keyword density tool.

Importance of Keyword frequency in SEO copywriting

Page Links:

While a roofing SEO expert is mainly concerned with adding inbound and external links, a roofing SEO copywriter takes care of readability. He doesn’t just place an external link because his professor is asking him to do so.

(Use of Humor, another great tip for SEO copywriting)

He does so because the roofing content is demanding it. Suppose a roofing blog is written without tricking search engines and intent to influence a buyer’s decision or inform a prospect honestly; the external and internal links will come naturally. You can’t contain all information in one roofing webpage, and if there is more information out there, Google wants you to take your visitors to that pot of Gold.

Here are some more guidelines for incorporating inbound and external links for SEO of your roofing website:

  • Link to relevant pages within and outside your roofing website in your introduction
  • Link to more in-depth roofing guides or roofing content on your roofing website or other roofing sites
  • Link with appropriate anchor text, which flows naturally with the roofing content.

Importance of page links in roofing SEO copywriting

Understand User’s intent:

An SEO copywriter who wants to rank a roofing website understands the intent behind the search inquiry and writes content addressing that intent. He’s not just concerned with roofing keyword incorporation. He knows that there are two types of keywords:

Informational and Commercial keywords.

Informational keywords:

Roofing Keywords that people are searching for to gain information. These roofing keywords mostly have a “how to” essence attached to them. e.g How to maintain roof?

Commercial keywords:

Roofing Keywords that people are searching for intending to buy. They include prefixes and suffixes, like reviews, buy, order, review, comparison, compare, free shipping, best, fast, etc e.g best new roof price.

A roofing SEO copywriter’s greatest gift is using synonyms or words with similar meanings to highlight a service. By doing so, he is naturally targeting roofing keywords that multiple people are searching for.

For instance, a roofing blog about common roof problems main headline can be:

10 Most Common Roof Problems

Meta Description can be: “Most homeowners have encountered roofing problems at some point in their lives. From small leaks to major cracking, roofs suffer from several common roofing ailments that demand immediate attention. ”

See how roofing ailments and Roofing problems mean the same thing, but we’ve included both because one person might use roofing problems and another roofing ailments to search for the same thing. Our sentences sound natural, yet take SEO of roofing website into account.

Understand user's intent for roofing SEO copywriting

Story Telling:

Remember when we were little and beg our parents or Grandparents to read us a good story. Well, we still like them.

Not only should you use a good brand story in your “about us” page, telling people why you started the brand in the first place?, what motivated you? Gaps you found in the industry?, The problem you wanted to solve?

But it would help if you also wrote stories in your roofing blog. This story could be based on an experience you encountered. E.g a blog about roof repair can start from a story about some home owner’s mistake of hiring unprofessional to do work, realizing their mistake when leaks start to happen at a big event they organized. How they got embarrassed in front of everyone, An accident about them meeting you in a barber’s shop, and how you turned their life around. Everyone likes a good ending.

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Case Studies:

Case Studies are also a form of storytelling. You’re telling the story of a client, their difficulties, your challenges, and the methods you deployed to solve them.

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Use Inverted Pyramid Style:

This style of writing involves being forthright with your message or purpose of writing. Your first paragraph talks about what you’re going to recommend and why you’re recommending it. A roofing SEO copywriting will go one step ahead and use internal links to different sections that he’s going to cover in the entire blog in this initial intro text to ease browsing. Some of us don’t want to watch the entire movie, just the interesting parts. The internal linking serves as the “jump to” buttons. Again, by helping the user, we get in the good books of google. Much like helping our younger siblings, we get in the good books of our parents.

(another useful technique of roofing SEO copywriting, relating normal happenings of daily life to what you’re writing about)

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Understand Emotions:

Your roofing blog about solar panels could start with these words:

“Don’t you feel our consumption habits have become unsustainable, In the pursuit of trying to make our life simpler, easier and more enjoyable, we’re creating a life of difficulty for our future generations. With every new car we buy and every new house we build tearing down trees we’re causing the temperature to rise. Have you ever been to a desert with high temperatures? Spending even a few minutes in it is extremely painful to experience. At least, we have the option to walk out of it. What do you think will happen, when the entire world’s entire regions become as hot as a desert, and we won’t be able to walk out of it.”

Imagination and Scenario portrayal are also one of the most amazing techniques to convince people to your point of view.

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Features and Benefits in bullet points:

Sometimes verbosity is not needed, just highly captivating and influential words are needed, such as on the home page of a roofing website.

For instance a roofing company website’s home page can include:

See how skyline roofing company describes the benefits and features of their different roofing tiles:

  • Cedar Shakes – This is a classic option that will look fantastic on traditional homes. We recommend this material for homeowners who want a historic appearance for their homes and those who don’t mind regular maintenance. Cedar shakes also have excellent dimensional stability and strength.
  • Slate/Tile Roofing – These roofing options are for homeowners who want the best in durability, weather resistance, and beauty. Slate roofing and tile roofing are some of the longest lasting materials in the industry today. In some cases, slate roofs and tile roofs can last for over a century. As a replacement windows and roofing expert, we also recommend these materials for homeowners who want a sophisticated appearance for their homes.

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