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Understanding Web Development’s Place in the Marketing Budget

Did you know that 72% of consumers who search online for local businesses end up visiting stores within five miles of where they are? This means that a good website is crucial to traffic to brick and mortar stores and beyond. All small and medium-sized businesses need a strong website to create an online presence that

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Is Your Website Content Ready for the Holidays? 4 Things to Check

The holidays are fast approaching, and for business websites, that means one thing: increased traffic. Whether you want to increase your traffic or keep the attention of your reader, content is key. Your website content will be the deciding factor in whether your visitors stay or leave. It’s also one of the best ways to

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5 Web Development Trends To Watch In 2019

What if your job was to stay ahead of things and you were already falling behind? We all know that web development moves at the speed of light. And if you want your web-based business to look modern and professional, you need to stay on top of the latest trends. Worried that you don’t know

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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an E-commerce Website Design Company

50 milliseconds is all your website has to make a good first impression. Clunky or an overwhelming design will send visitors straight to your competitors. Even if your product is better, that poor website design is enough to drive them away. We understand creating a beautiful website is tough. You run a business after all so

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The Best B2B Websites Have These 5 Things in Common

Did you know that 90% of B2B buyers search for products online before buying? Before you roll your eyes at that statistic (because everyone researches online, right?), it’s important to pay attention to it. In order to grow your business, you need to be able to be found by these customers. If you’re not, you can forget

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Tools for Creating Inexpensive and Effective Videos and Infographics

Videos and infographics are a vital part of a successful and comprehensive content marketing strategy.  According to recent studies, 70 percent of consumers report that watching a video makes them more likely to purchase a product. These formats are engaging and persuasive, plus they’re able to convey a great deal of information in a short

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