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SEO Ideas for the Holidays: How to Get More Winter Holiday Traffic

What was the last thing you searched on Google? Maybe you searched for pictures on an idiot and got a picture of President Trump, courtesy of pranksters using SEO ideas. Or with the holiday season coming up, perhaps it was Christmas-related. Perhaps you were looking for Christmas music or you were shopping for the best holiday

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4 Qualities To Look For In A Marketing Consultant Agency

Your business’s marketing strategy has a profound impact on the overall success and image of your business. One of the strongest tools you can have in your toolbelt is a strong marketing agency. Hiring a marketing agency, though, presents its share of challenges. Marketing isn’t as straightforward as it may often sound. You want the best return

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The Latest Digital Marketing Techniques And How To Use Them For Your SEO The digital market field is rapidly changing, and it can be difficult to stay ahead and keep up with the pace of the landscape. Year in and year out, there seem to be new strategies or trends that businesses have to follow

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Summertime marketing ideas for small businesses

Summertime Opportunities for Small Businesses Marketing

Summertime is a time when people are more relaxed and often have a more positive outlook on life. This upbeat attitude leads to new and exciting marketing opportunities for small businesses because people are often more cheerful and interested in shopping.  Small business marketing has never been more fun. Whether your small business marketing strategies

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3 Content Marketing Trends that will continue to shape SEO in 2018

Content Marketing Trends come and go but these 3 areas are gaining momentum. With the expertise that you have in Marketing, content marketing is by no means a stranger. The universal, known fact is how important content marketing is to your specific niche. The hard part about Content Marketing Trends is that trends are always changing

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Five Essential Components of a Marketing Plan

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Putting a Marketing Plan together does not have to be complicated. When deciding how you want to market your product there are five essential steps to giving you and your product the best chance of getting noticed. A marketing plan will give you an edge in the market that you

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6 Steps to Creating a Winning Marketing Message

Sales and marketing often make the mistake of trying to sell things to consumers. “But that’s their job!” you’re surely thinking. The truth is, however, that selling isn’t an effective marketing tactic, and how you craft and present your marketing message is the biggest determiner of a successful campaign. Instead of trying to tell consumers

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